Volume 3 Articles Now Available

VOLUME 3 (2014)

Articles and Textbook Reviews

Looking Outward: U.S. Homeland Security beyond the Borders
Jerome H. Kahan

VOLUME 2 (2013)


From the Editor-In-Chief
Michelle E. Majewski


Articles and Textbook Reviews

What’s in a Name? The Meaning of Homeland Security
Jerome H. Kahan

The Case to Accredit Homeland Security Programs: Why Outcomes-based Accreditation Makes Sense
Jim Ramsay

Text Review: Introduction to Transportation Security (Edwards & Goodrich)
Linda Kiltz

Paradigms for Cybersecurity Education in a Homeland Security Program
Gary C. Kessler & James Ramsay

Homeland Security Information Representation: A Case for Standardization
Harry D. Tunnell IV

SUMMER 2012 (Vol 1, Issue 2)


From the Editor 
Michelled E. Majewski


Homeland Security Education: Reading the Tea Leaves
Steve Recca


The Benefits and Challenges of Integrating Emergency Management and Homeland Security into a New Program
Linda Kiltz

Training and Education for First Response Emergency Personnel: An Examination of Physical Fitness Requirements for the State of California and the Federal Government
Lita Megan Grace

Textbook Reviews

Text Review: Introduction to Homeland Security Education (Logan & Ramsay)
Steve Recca

Text Review: Business Continuity and Homeland Security, Volume 1—The Challenge of the New Age (McIntyre & Hancock)
Steve Recca

SPRING 2012 (Vol 1, Issue 1)


Welcome to the Journal of Homeland Security Education
Michelle E. Majewski



The Journal of Homeland Security Education:  The Right Journal at the Right Time
Stanley B. Supinski



Advancing Curricula Development for Homeland Security Education Through a Survey of DHS Personnel
Cristina D. Ramirez and Gail A. Rioux

Employing Critical Reflection in an Online Emergency Services Course
R. Jeffery Maxfield and John Robert Fisher

Homeland Security:  The Community College Role in Law Enforcement Training and Readiness
Ygnacio Flores

Homeland Security Education across the Atlantic
Don Wallace, Craig McLean,William Parrish, Sarah Soppitt and Daniel Silander

Reflective Journaling:  Building Bridges between Theory and Practice
Kenneth Goldberg

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Understanding Resilience: The Blind Men and the Elephant
Jerome H. Kahan

Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Call for Papers: Special Issue on Climate Change
Linda Kiltz, Guest Editor

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