Welcome to the International Journal of Security, Preparedness, and Resilience Education, Letter from the editor in chief.

Volume 7 (2018)

Constitutional, Ethical, Both or Neither? An Investigation of Homeland Security Majors' Perceptions of National Security Agency Bulk Surveillance Programs
Elizabeth Ulan, Brian Lockwood & John Comiskey

Theory for Homeland Security
John Comiskey

The Utilization of Client-Based Service-Learning in Emergency Management Graduate Curricula for the 21st Century
Thomas J. Carey, III

Undergraduate Student Perceptions of Team Based Learning (TBL) in the Homeland Security Classroom
William J. Sullivan & Ryan K. Baggett

VOLUME 6 (2017)

Emergency Services Leadership: The Lived Experience
R. Jeffrey Maxfield and Eric J. Russell

Volume 5 (2016)


Leveraging the 'Staff Ride' for Active Learning in Public Safety Management
Brian Nussbaum

Teaching Key Elements of Decision Making Online for Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Clayton Wukich, Suzanne L. Frew, and Alan Steinberg

Volume 4 (2015)


How Do College Homeland Security Curricula Prepare Students for the Field?
John Comiskey

Assessing the Educational Needs of Emergency Management Personnel
Kelly L. Brown

VOLUME 3 (2014)


Looking Outward: U.S. Homeland Security beyond the Borders
Jerome H. Kahan

The Impressions of Emergency Services Students in a Homeland Security Course: The Benefits of Reflective Thinking and Journaling
Eric James Russell and John Robert Fisher

VOLUME 2 (2013)


From the Editor-In-Chief
Michelle E. Majewski


Articles and Textbook Reviews

What’s in a Name? The Meaning of Homeland Security
Jerome H. Kahan

The Case to Accredit Homeland Security Programs: Why Outcomes-based Accreditation Makes Sense
Jim Ramsay

Text Review: Introduction to Transportation Security (Edwards & Goodrich)
Linda Kiltz

Paradigms for Cybersecurity Education in a Homeland Security Program
Gary C. Kessler and James Ramsay

Homeland Security Information Representation: A Case for Standardization
Harry D. Tunnell IV

SUMMER 2012 (Vol 1, Issue 2)


From the Editor 
Michelle E. Majewski


Homeland Security Education: Reading the Tea Leaves
Steve Recca


The Benefits and Challenges of Integrating Emergency Management and Homeland Security into a New Program
Linda Kiltz

Training and Education for First Response Emergency Personnel: An Examination of Physical Fitness Requirements for the State of California and the Federal Government
Lita Megan Grace

Textbook Reviews

Text Review: Introduction to Homeland Security Education (Logan & Ramsay)
Steve Recca

Text Review: Business Continuity and Homeland Security, Volume 1—The Challenge of the New Age (McIntyre & Hancock)
Steve Recca

SPRING 2012 (Vol 1, Issue 1)


Welcome to International Journal of Security, Preparedness, and Resilience Education
Michelle E. Majewski



International Journal of Security, Preparedness, and Resilience Education:  The Right Journal at the Right Time
Stanley B. Supinski



Advancing Curricula Development for Homeland Security Education Through a Survey of DHS Personnel
Cristina D. Ramirez and Gail A. Rioux

Employing Critical Reflection in an Online Emergency Services Course
R. Jeffery Maxfield and John Robert Fisher

Homeland Security:  The Community College Role in Law Enforcement Training and Readiness
Ygnacio Flores

Exploring Homeland Security Education across the Atlantic
Don Wallace, Craig McLean,William Parrish, Sarah Soppitt and Daniel Silander

Reflective Journaling:  Building Bridges between Theory and Practice
Kenneth Goldberg

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Understanding Resilience: The Blind Men and the Elephant
Jerome H. Kahan


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